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“Nancy made every effort to make sure the product was exactly how I had imagined it to be.?
​I sell products that are made from cotton fleece, flannel. Some have batting like my grocery cart covers that fit all grocery carts. Embroidery threads are used for the embroidery like my wall hangings or the personalized towels that are great for kids going off to college. They can’t lose their towels that way. 

Most all of my products have different options with specialized needs like color or fabric or even theme like the kitchen supplies. There are embroidered flower embellishments that can be added to handbags or even flip flops. To dress them up. There are embroidered wall hangings that have details that jump right out at you. 

There are embroidered appliquéd wall hangings that can also be made into blankets. I can do picture quilts that would be for a special holiday or event like anniversaries. 

Personalized embroidery can be added to anything. I have quilted picture wall hangings that have pockets to add pictures and they can be interchanged. I have rag blankets that can have embroidery on them. There are kids appliquéd hooded towels that can wrap around or can go over their head for after the bath or around the pool. 

Everything can be custom made to color. There is a wide variety of items that are great for the whole family.

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