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“Nancy made every effort to make sure the product was exactly how I had imagined it to be.?
​Some of things in my shop are ready for sale, but if you prefer a different color that can be taken care of. Its hard to make every color or theme for each item so custom orders are welcome. I am happy to work with each one individually to create something just for you. 

The sewing service you would get with me has a personal touch and each person is handled with care using your requests for your own items that you would like created. There is a lot of communication either through email or texting whichever you prefer. I can take you through the process with pictures as I go along if you would like to do that. You would choose colors and I would find the fabric in your color scheme and send pictures to get your approval. 

Upon approval I will get started. I try to have quick turnaround time but depending on the item and how time consuming it is it could take longer, but each item is handled with special care. Colors of items may not be exactly the same unless they were made together so it makes everything unique. Payment is not made until item is finished and approved through pictures. 

It would be shipped after payment is made.If you have questions about my embroidery in NY, feel free to contact me today! In addition to my custom sewing services, I also specialize in sewing alterations

I look forward to hearing from you!

Custom Embroidery in NY

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