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“Nancy made every effort to make sure the product was exactly how I had imagined it to be.?
​Does this item come in different sizes? 
Yes I would make it based on measurements you gave me or just small medium and large Some are one size fits all 

Do the quilts and blankets come in different sizes? 
Yes quilts come in whatever size you want and are priced by the square including backing and binding. Rag blankets come in the size you want by giving me the dimensions. Prices are quoted if you want something bigger than is pictured. 

Can embroidery be added? 
Yes embroidery can be added on custom orders for sure but if you choose an item already made embroidery may not be able to be put on. You may have to custom order it for the embroidery to be added. 

Is there a charge for special orders? 
No not if its something from my shop that is just the same but different color. The only thing that changes price is the size and that is something I quote after you have determined the size.

Is there a deposit before I get started? 
No Payment is not made until completion and approved 

If I want a picture on something how do I get the pictures to you? 
They can be emailed to me. That is the easiest way. 

Can bags be made to protect the items such as grocery cart covers? 
Yes bags come with the grocery cart covers but I can make a bag for anything 

What is the turn around time for a special order? 
I like to turn around quickly but depending on the item some are more time consuming and it may take longer. When something is ordered I will give you a time frame. My first question will be when do you need this and turnaround time will be based on that. 

How long is shipping time? 
Depending on where you live it takes approximately 3 days. 

Can just embroidered appliqués be made so I can add it to my own item? 
Yes definitely. Price for appliqué will be quoted upon request.

How much is shipping? 
All my items ship for free 

Do I offer discounts?
No I don’t because I ship for free. On some of the same items I offer a discount for buying more than one item of the same like the animal pillows.


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