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“Nancy made every effort to make sure the product was exactly how I had imagined it to be.?
​I actually started this as a hobby. I really enjoy sewing and embroidery in NY, and found that I could make nice gifts for people that they thought was nice cause I took the time to make something. In doing these things for people I would get requests for items to make and other sewing services

I embroidered the name of the local school on tablecloths because they kept disappearing without a name. I also made quilts depicting the history of my home town and the history of the recreation department in my home town. I learned a lot getting into the history and putting it on quilts. When you put something on a quilt it’s there forever and people can’t forget. It makes a very nice keepsake. Quilts aren’t the only thing that makes nice keepsakes. It works for a lot of things. I worked with the local school for a few years doing the costumes for the plays. That was very exciting but very time consuming. So I decided that if I was going to try and get into other sewing and embroidery projects i would have to make more time for it. 

I do all my sewing out of my home and have a special room where I can hibernate to get my crafts and sewing alterations done.

About My Sewing Alterations and Other Projects

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